Friday, February 29, 2008

O’Grady’s opponent continues negative campaign for commission

Today, John O’Grady’s opponent, Cindy Lazarus, released the latest negative theme in her campaign for the Franklin County Commissioner. O’Grady, the endorsed Democrat, has focused his campaign on a Five Point Plan for Franklin County.

“First Cindy Lazarus called the hard-working neighborhood leaders of our local Democratic Party a ‘small group of politicians,’ a ‘party machine,’ and ‘party bosses.’ Now Mrs. Lazarus is turning her negative campaign towards John O’Grady,” stated Bryan Clark, Communications Director for John O’Grady.

In her latest television commercial, Mrs. Lazarus attacks John O’Grady’s public service.

Previously, Mrs. Lazarus has issued campaign direct mail that referred to the volunteer neighborhood Democratic leaders who unanimously endorsed John O’Grady as a “small group of politicians” and a “party machine.”

Her negative attacks against the local Democratic Party also included publicly condemning their endorsement of O’Grady after Mrs. Lazarus spent months attempting to secure the same endorsement for her campaign.

John has set the record straight with two new ads.