Saturday, February 16, 2008

It's the law

The following is a message from the Franklin County Democratic Party. It's pretty strongly worded, but gives a good overview of the election complaint against Cindy Lazarus.

It’s the law

Yesterday, the Franklin County Democratic Party filed an election complaint against Cindy Lazarus. As Executive Director Zach Manifold said, “Today, the Franklin County Democratic Party is proving our commitment to fair elections by holding Cindy Lazarus, a former judge, accountable for apparent violations of basic campaign laws.”

According to the complaint, Cindy Lazarus’ campaign has created and distributed campaign ads that do not carry basic political disclaimers. These disclaimers state, “Paid for by” and list the name of the committee, as well as a mailing address for the committee. In fact, it’s campaign 101.

This is just one example of the apparent election law violations by Cindy Lazarus according to the Buckeye State Blog.

Unfortunately Cindy Lazarus completely dismissed these serious charges. In fact, her answer was, “All I could say to that is, please.”

Does Cindy Lazarus believe voters don’t deserve to know who provided the information they receive about our elections?

Stay tuned for more information in this developing story. And be sure that the Franklin County Democratic Party will continue to fight for the highest ethical standards. The Republican Party refused to do that — look where it got them.