Saturday, February 23, 2008

Dispatch weighs in on the CMC debate

The Columbus Dispatch weighed in on the CMC debate today. As the Dispatch reports, John focused on the issues that Franklin County faces.

Once again, a debate report hones in on the divisive politics John's opponent brought to the debate.
Lazarus said, "We should have more primaries and not be punishing and bullying people because they dare to offer themselves to the public."

O'Grady shot back: "It's a little bit of a stretch for my opponent to play the victim. This is a fight between Cindy and the party."
As political insiders know, Mrs. Lazarus was for the party's endorsement before she was against it. Here's a note from FCDP regarding the issue.

The weekend before the 2007 elections for the Mayor and City Council, Mrs. Lazarus called and mailed our Central and Executive Committee members seeking their endorsement. When she learned that the party's volunteer leaders supported John O'Grady, Mrs. Lazarus began attacking the party and calling for no endorsement.

While John focused on his Five Point Plan for Franklin County, his opponent once again displayed the divisive status quo of the past.

On Tuesday, March 4th, vote for hope and opportunity. Vote for John O'Grady!