Friday, February 22, 2008

O’Grady wins debate with substance, vision

In a Columbus Metropolitan Club debate today, John O’Grady offered a clear, compelling vision for the future of Franklin County. O’Grady focused on his Five Point Plan for Franklin County, the only comprehensive plan issued in this primary election.

Throughout the debate, John O’Grady forcefully advocated for an end to the foreclosure crisis and for creating jobs and opportunity for everyone. As John said in his opening, “I am running for Franklin County Commissioner so we can bring a new generation of leadership to our county and, with it, new jobs and opportunities for the workers and families of Central Ohio.”

Unfortunately, John's opponent attempted to go negative regarding John's support from the hardworking members of the Franklin County Democratic Party. But John continued his positive campaign for a new generation of leadership, rejecting the divisive politics of the past.

In the end, John framed exactly what this primary election is all about – the hope and opportunity of a new era, or the divisive status quo of the past.

Like you, John chooses hope!