Wednesday, December 5, 2007

John's statement announcing his race for Franklin County Commissioner

I’d like to thank Mayor Coleman and County Commissioners Brooks and Brown for their warm introduction. I’d also like to thank the elected officials and Democratic leaders who have joined me today.

As you’ve probably guessed, I’m here to make an announcement. Today, I am formally entering the race for Franklin County Commissioner.

Our state is facing tough economic times. Yet Franklin County continues to be a beacon of hope thanks to the cooperation and partnership between our areas elected officials and community, business, and labor leaders. We have to continue this progress.

I believe bringing people together is the right way to get real results in Franklin County. That’s why I am humbled by the tremendous, broad-based support my campaign has already received.

Now that I am fulfilling my second term as your Franklin County Clerk of Courts, I have a new opportunity to serve the people of Franklin County. As a member of the County Commission, I will focus on job #1 for Franklin County: attracting and retaining the best jobs for Central Ohio, continuing the economic prosperity of Franklin County.

As we’ve seen in the recent Dispatch series on Ohio’s cities, times are tough. Here in Franklin County, we’ve bucked that negative trend. And that’s not an accident. We’ve become an economic model for Ohio by working hard and working together. As your County Commissioner, I will continue that kind of strong, cooperative leadership – bringing together township trustees, council-members, mayors, and community, business, and labor leaders to get real results for our county.

Thank you, again, for your support. I’m excited about our campaign and about the future of our county!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

O'Grady files for County Commissioner

In an early sign of strength, Franklin County Clerk of Courts John O’Grady today announced an impressive, broad-based campaign for the Franklin County Commission. O’Grady was joined today by elected officials, community leaders, and Democratic activists from across the county.

“I’ve always believed that bringing people together is the best way to get real results for Franklin County,” stated Clerk of Courts John O’Grady. “That’s why I am humbled by the tremendous support my campaign has already received.”

John O’Grady has united the “grasstops and grassroots” of the Franklin County Democratic Party behind his campaign. In addition to the support of Commissioners Kilroy, Brooks, and Brown, O’Grady also announced the endorsements of Mayor Michael B. Coleman, Columbus Council President Michael C. Mentel, and a host of other Central Ohio leaders.

“This election is about continuing the economic prosperity of Central Ohio, even as our state faces tough economic times,” concluded O’Grady. “As your next Franklin County Commissioner, I will pledge to work with everyone – from township trustees and county officials to business and labor leaders – to bring good-paying jobs to Franklin County.”

What others are saying about John O’Grady

County Commissioner Paula Brooks – “John O’Grady is a dedicated, principled leader who will continue bringing people together on the County Commission.”

County Commissioner Mary Jo Kilroy – “I deeply respect John as a colleague and know he will keep Franklin County moving forward as a County Commissioner.”

County Commissioner Marilyn Brown – “I’m excited to work with John because he has the talent and experience to effectively serve the people of Franklin County.”

Mayor Michael B. Coleman – “John O’Grady’s character was forged by his family through their long tradition of public service, and he’s keeping it fresh with new ideas, optimism and energy. O’Grady is a no-nonsense leader for Franklin County’s future and will be a great partner with Columbus and our suburbs as we build a new era of regional cooperation and job growth.”

About John O’Grady

John E. O’Grady was elected to the office of Franklin County Clerk of Courts in 2000 and took office in 2001. Mr. O'Grady worked as an administrator for State Treasurer Mary Ellen Withrow for nine years. O'Grady has also been a small business operator and general manager for a chain of businesses across Central Ohio
Mr. O'Grady has been actively involved in charitable organizations for a number of years. Mr. O’Grady is the past President and current member of the Board of Trustees of The Epilepsy Foundation of Central Ohio. O'Grady is active in the Catholic Church, and served on the Bishops' "Challenge in Changing Times" fundraising committee. Mr. O’Grady is also a lector at his parish church, St. Brendan’s.

Mr. O'Grady is married to Pam, Director of Legislative and Community Affairs for Mayor Coleman, and is the father of Elizabeth, Jack, and Patrick.
Elected officials endorsing O’Grady for Franklin County Commissioner:

Franklin County Commissioner Mary Jo Kilroy
Franklin County Commissioner Paula Brooks
Franklin County Commissioner Marilyn Brown
Mayor Michael B. Coleman
Franklin County Treasurer Ed Leonard
Franklin County Municipal Clerk of Courts Lori Tyack
Columbus City Council President Michael C. Mentel
Columbus City Council President Pro Tem Kevin Boyce
Council City Council member Hearcel Craig
Council City Council member Andrew Ginther
Council City Council member Maryellen O’Shaughnessy
Council City Council member Charleta Tavares
Council City Council member Priscilla Tyson
Columbus City Attorney Rick Pfeiffer
Ohio House Minority Leader Joyce Beatty
State Representative Dan Stewart
State Representative Tracy Heard
State Representative Ted Celeste
State Senator Ray Miller