Wednesday, December 5, 2007

John's statement announcing his race for Franklin County Commissioner

I’d like to thank Mayor Coleman and County Commissioners Brooks and Brown for their warm introduction. I’d also like to thank the elected officials and Democratic leaders who have joined me today.

As you’ve probably guessed, I’m here to make an announcement. Today, I am formally entering the race for Franklin County Commissioner.

Our state is facing tough economic times. Yet Franklin County continues to be a beacon of hope thanks to the cooperation and partnership between our areas elected officials and community, business, and labor leaders. We have to continue this progress.

I believe bringing people together is the right way to get real results in Franklin County. That’s why I am humbled by the tremendous, broad-based support my campaign has already received.

Now that I am fulfilling my second term as your Franklin County Clerk of Courts, I have a new opportunity to serve the people of Franklin County. As a member of the County Commission, I will focus on job #1 for Franklin County: attracting and retaining the best jobs for Central Ohio, continuing the economic prosperity of Franklin County.

As we’ve seen in the recent Dispatch series on Ohio’s cities, times are tough. Here in Franklin County, we’ve bucked that negative trend. And that’s not an accident. We’ve become an economic model for Ohio by working hard and working together. As your County Commissioner, I will continue that kind of strong, cooperative leadership – bringing together township trustees, council-members, mayors, and community, business, and labor leaders to get real results for our county.

Thank you, again, for your support. I’m excited about our campaign and about the future of our county!