Monday, March 3, 2008

Top Ten reasons to vote for John O’Grady

10. John is the endorsed Democrat.

9. Change can only come when we all work together. That’s what John can do.

8. According to the Outlook, John has bear appeal!

7. John has a comprehensive Five Point Plan to fight foreclosures and create jobs.

6. John is Pam O’Grady’s husband and Pam O’Grady rocks.

5. John has the endorsements of Mayor Coleman, every single Council member, every single Commissioner, and every single Democratic member of our statehouse delegation.

4. John’s a better cook than anyone else we know. According to some, he’s the best short-order cook in Franklin County.

3. John is the only candidate with proven county executive experience.

2. Guess what? John is just a darn good guy.

1. In 2008, we need change. We need John O’Grady.